Mike Shane

President, Chief Financial Officer and founder of OnSight Optical brings to the organization a profound understanding of business operations, financial management and construction knowledge. Specific to Ophthalmology, Mr. Shane has worked in the administration of practice and the development of surgery centers. He is an active participant in an elite group of ophthalmologists, which meet bi-annually. Prior to founding OnSight Optical in 1995, he was a successful developer and builder throughout Florida. Mr. Shane served as a Senior Analyst and bank officer for banks in New York and Florida. Mr. Shane received a B.S. in Finance/Accounting from Indiana University. When Mike is not in the office, you should look for him around town running, biking or swimming. As of November 2015, Mike became a real Ironman as he completed a full Ironman race in Pensacola, FL.
To contact Mike: mike.shane@onsightoptical.com

Linda Willett

Vice President of Operations, joined OnSight Optical in May of 2000. She works with both management and individual ophthalmology practices in the development of programs and practices, to enhance business operations. Mrs. Willett brings over 20 years of experience in a healthcare environment in various roles such as Human Resources, Administration, Compensation, Risk Management and Training and Development. Prior to joining OnSight Optical, Mrs. Willett worked in the eye care industry as Supervisor of Employment, Training and Risk Management Departments.
To contact Linda: linda.willett@onsightoptical.com

Lee Murray

Lab Operations Manager, began his career at OnSight Optical in 2004. His prior 30 plus years of experience has led him to manage the specials lab for Eckerd Optical and the Tampa Bay area Vision Works locations where he has also trained new lab managers and repaired lab equipment. During his stay at OnSight Optical, Lee has been an instrumental factor during the industry and concurrently our, change to robotics, 100% digital surfacing of lenses and the installation of our on-location AR lab.
To contact Lee: lee.murray@onsightoptical.com