Management Solutions

OnSight Optical provides you, the physician with a completed optical dispensary. OnSight's simple, easy to use, technologically advanced operations system enables you to compete effectively and increase patient satisfaction and practice revenues with minimal managerial overhead. OnSight Optical's job is to relieve you of all operational, merchandising, marketing and supervisory tasks with a disciplined and accountable system, so that your full attention may be focused solely on patient care.


Eyewear Dispensary

OnSight Optical can provide you with the proper assistance and guidance regardless of the stage of your dispensary.
OnSight Optical provides our practices with a customized optical shop full of frames that are best suited for your patients' needs. Our goal of providing your patients with the best visual outcome is even accomplished using stylish and affordable frames.

Pediatric Dispensary

OnSight Optical manages the largest number of pediatric practices in the United States. Across the country, we are working with offices in providing children and tweens with the perfect fit. The lenses we use are tough, safe, protect the children's eyes and are scratch resistant. The frames we are able to provide are comfortable, durable and of course, stylish.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Management Tools and Goal Setting

Revenue Cycle and Claims Management

Insurance Plan Analysis and Support

Marketing/Social Media Management

Human Resources and Training

Integrated Eyewear Ordering and Billing System


Higher Profits

Improved Satisfaction

Better productivity